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financial domination Cams

Financial Domination On Webcam

Time to be drained piggy boy. Its time to pay up loser!! We want to drain you, we want to ruin you and have you as our own little cash cow. The mistresses of bdsmcam chat. are waiting to drain you of every dollar  you have.WE have many wallet fucktresses waiting right now.

Piggy banks, cash cows,paypiggy,wallet rape and many other names this fetish is known by.

Pay up loser, your job is to spoil your Mistress, Goddess, owner,queen or what ever you know her bys o open that wallet its time to spend that cash.

Get ready cashcow for some real bdsm cam training

Step 1: Ensure slave pays up all money of his wages every single pay check

Step 2: Ensure slave knows he is a cash cow and must abide by your rules now.

Ensure you receive many nice, gifts, as well as cash and direct debit and bills paid.. This is the duty of a paypig… Please ensure he knows his place and submits to you properly every time and that he understands he will get NOTHING in return Ever

Demand top of the range phones and laptops as well as designer shoes and cosmetics. If he whinges he ha snot enough money … Then make sure to send him to the job centre to find second/third jobs

Make sure he thanks you for taking that money

Train him to be a good puppy a good money slave and a tremendous financial sub if he can do that then  be sure to expose him anyway

Always remember you are perfect and you are worth more so only receive  the best of quality goods and luxuries, ensure he lives on the bare minimum and never has another luxury again.

Make him for your

hair being done

nails getting done

gym membership

and sexy lingerie for pleasing other men

Our Money Dommes are waiting and they hate having to wait on a dumbass like you. Our financial slavery is extra special because we ensure you are left with nothing – nadda, ziltch, not a bean.

So if you are a financial slave and ready to pay the camgirl online then enter now, we love payslaves.

I do not care if you are stone cold broke. You will pay me and you will ensure my needs are met- We love wallet raping and milking you as well as ruining the life you once knew

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